Annual Archive

Your System Admin sets a date for your annual archive once a year. Atlas automatically saves a copy of all curriculum maps in your system for historical reference. Archived maps include all curriculum including Standards, Assessments, Links, etc. Simultaneously, all curriculum is copied forward into next year’s maps allowing users to begin modifying existing courses or developing new units for the upcoming year.

As an admin, you DON'T have to delete any courses to prepare your system for the new academic year. Everything will MOVE FORWARD.

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Annual Archive


Overview & Key Features

Before the Annual Archive

Atlas will notify you 30 days prior to your annual archive date with an alert that displays upon log in. Now would be a good time to:

  • Complete or update your maps to reflect your curriculum for the year.

After the Annual Archive

  • Ask your System Admin or update your course assignments for the new academic year, if they have changed.
  • Your maps will carry over from the previous year. Begin editing your maps as needed for the new year.

Any curriculum entered after the archive date will not be reflected in the historical archive, but will be available in the next year's curriculum.



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