Adopted Curriculum (AC)

The Adopted Curriculum is an optional feature enabled in select Atlas systems. Check in with your team listed on Your Support Team page if you are unsure if this applies to you.

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The Adopted Curriculum of a school or district can be called by a variety of names (District Curriculum, Master Curriculum, Consensus Curriculum, Board Approved Curriculum, etc.). If you have the Adopted Curriculum tool enabled in your Atlas system, this allows users to receive pre-approved curriculum, developed by select Curriculum Developers at your school/district, directly in their own user copy of the map. Using this as a starting point, users then work collaboratively or individually to further describe when & how instruction of the Adopted Curriculum will take place in their own classrooms.

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Adopted Curriculum


For Adopted Curriculum Developers

Adopted Curriculum Developers are the team assigned by school administration to the Adopted Curriculum maps and can access them via Develop. They can start writing this curriculum using the same basics of developing any maps in Atlas.

For Users Receiving Adopted Curriculum

Users assigned to a course associated with the Adopted Curriculum will receive updates directly in their User copy. The purpose of the Adopted Curriculum is to provide users a curriculum framework they can develop further for their own classrooms. So, while users cannot delete Adopted Curriculum data from their map, they can add to it in several ways, indicating how they plan to teach or assess the Adopted Curriculum in their classrooms, and adding key resources and additional content areas covered. Users do this using the same basics of developing any map in Atlas.

For Administrators Managing the Adopted Curriculum

System Administrators can manage the course titles and course assignments of both Adopted and User maps and must understand how these are associated. There are three main areas for managing this process, each listed below with associated actions you can take:

Manage Courses: Course Titles

  • Identify which courses are / are not associated with the Adopted Curriculum.
  • Confirm the approved Course Title, Subject, and Grade level of courses and ensure each is matched with the appropriate Adopted map.
  • Publish curriculum from Adopted to User maps

Manage Courses: Course Assignments

  • Add new Adopted and User maps
  • Associate and disassociate User maps

  • Assign Curriculum Developers and Teachers to the appropriate maps

Admin Reports: Course list by Adopted Map

  • Review all Adopted maps and the associated User maps on one screen.

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The Adopted Curriculum tool is a premium service. If you have questions about setting up or using the Adopted Curriculum in Atlas, contact our Support team.

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