Atlas Public Sites

An Atlas Public Site is a website that mirrors your internal system in order to make parts of your curriculum accessible to people outside of your school team, either with or without a password. It can contain almost any combination of curriculum elements from your Atlas site, and will be automatically updated when users make changes to their curriculum internally. It is a great way to share part of your curriculum with parents, community members, and other stakeholders, while still keeping selected aspects of your curriculum private.

Public Sites are also web-based and accessed through their own unique URL, or website address. Your school Leadership Team determines exactly which elements to share and not to share. For instance, Public Sites will often offer visibility into the taught or intended curriculum, while not displaying Assessments. Visit the Public Sites tab in Communities to view examples of how other schools are utilizing this resource.

Contact your Atlas Account Manager or Atlas Support team for more information on building an Atlas Public Site to share with parents, Board Members or community.

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