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Search your school's activity by a keyword in Search > Activity. Curriculum Activity is a running feed of actions taken in Atlas by you and your colleagues. Activities are captured in Atlas when:

  • Curriculum is updated.
  • A map/unit is viewed.
  • A report is saved.
  • Someone joins a discussion.
  • Curriculum is copied or shared.

Activity data is saved up to five years; old events will be deleted annually.


From Search select Activity:

1. Enter your keyword or phrase in the Keyword text field and/or filter your results by selecting one or more criteria from the drop-down menus. You may add unlimited filters throughout your search.

The drop-down menus will be populated based on the criteria selected in previous menus. For instance, when a school has been selected, only those grades and Courses associated with that school will be listed in the drop-down menus.

2. Select one or more activity types to view actions pertaining to a set of events.

  • Curriculum Updates: Changes that Curriculum Developers make to their course curriculum or unit calendar, including changes to standards, assessments, and linked resources in a course. Curriculum that is favorited or copied is also recorded here.
  • Discussions: Open comments left on curriculum or reports.
  • Reports Activity: Reports that are saved, shared, discusses, pinned, viewed, printed, or exported.
  • Share Activity: Curriculum or reports that are shared with other users of the system.
  • Site Updates: Changes made to the system by System Administrators, including changes to course assignments, the academic calendar, archive date, and School References.
  • View Curriculum: Views of any curriculum map, unit map, or calendar through Browse. Views of curriculum through Develop are not recorded in activity.

3. Click Search. If you searched for a keyword or a phrase, it will be highlighted in red within the search results.

  • Sort the results by using the Sort By drop-down menu at the top of the results table.
  • The name of the unit is listed at the top, along with the weeks when it is taught.
  • The name of the Course, User, school, grade, and subject are displayed along the bottom for each search result.

Set your preferences in My Settings to receive notifications when relevant activity occurs.

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